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How it works

Oh... so I have to create another account? : ( I don't like it.avatar
Yes, but don't you use any Password manager?avatar
I've tried. I'm not able to trust any of them.avatar
Usually it's like: you know nothing about where passwords are saved and in which format... and who has access to them?avatar
Try Passwords Fountain then.
It's only lightweight user interface that you use to access your own database.
It encrypts all your passwords before sending them + whole code is open source so you be sure that nothing can be stolen.avatar

How to start - creating database

To start using this app you need to create a database to which your passwords will be stored.

Follow our 5-step guide and start the journey!

Go to https://fauna.com/ and create free account, login.
Click NEW DATABASE and use PASSWORDS_FOUNTAIN as a database name.
This is important so please don't misspell it!
On the left hand side panel choose SECURITY and click on NEW KEY.
Now choose any name for your admin key and click SAVE.
Your admin key will be shown only once, copy it. Don't show it to other people.
If you somehow lose admin key (you shouldn't) you can generate new one.
Now you can connect our interface to your database.
Click on START NOW and start your journey!
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Passwords Fountain is a completely free app.

Visit https://fauna.com/pricing to explore FaunaDB pricing plans.


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